Best SEO Tools In 2018

Best SEO Tools In 2018

Keyword Research

Mostly when doing keyword research these days, especially for judging competition, I rely on my own experience and intuition.

However, a lot of people like to use a tool to organize all of their keywords, be able to save lists, compare volumes quickly, etc. and for that I recommend Paul Clifford’s Keyword Tool.

keyword xp

This is kind of an underground tool but made quality and has a lot of cool features, all for a totally reasonable price.

You can search Amazon, YT, Bing, and other data in addition to Google KWs as well.

Finding PBN Domains

Registrar Compass is an absolute must have if you want to find high quality PBNs in this day and age.

register compass

Their interface is a complete dashboard that allows you to search all the major auction site(Godaddy, Snapnames, Namejet, and more) and search all of their domains to find high quality ones with SEO value that are dropping soon.

You are literally losing money and time if you are not using it.

You can sort domains by any metric and see all relevant data Fall from their one dashboard.

PBN Management (Save 40 Hours Per Day In Manual Labor :P)

I’m kidding but SERIOUSLY.

But the reality of owning a PBN before Bird’s Eye is:

-Spending your entire life managing 99 different spreadsheets for:
-Cloudflare and other CDN sites and accounts
-Special hosting scenarios
-If you do any type of tiered linking you need spreadsheets for that
-Social profiles
-5 million other things

Keep in mind for any of these one listed items above you might need MULTIPLE spreadsheets, anytime you want to perform a “function” out of excel(visit a site, registrar login, etc.) you have to hit 10 buttons worth of manual labor on your computer to copy the url, find your browser, Alt+D into the URL bar, paste the URL, and then click “Go”, AND because of all of this tedious BS you are rendered completely incapable of organizing anything about your PBN ever because there is just too much information.

Back in the day when I got starte I paid my little brother an hourly wage to manage all of my PBNs and do everything on them UNTIL I realized that I could automate everything with a software(I was pretty dumb).

This tool is literally the best thing in the world and I really don’t know what else to say as I poured my soul into making it the best thing ever for managing PBNs.

Optin here to get on the list for when we release – My PBN Manager (Bird’s Eye).

Hosting Companies For Money Sites (VPS)

WP Engine
Inmotion Hosting

There’s basically no difference between any of these. Get a VPS once you start to get some traffic on your money sites. I like to have a few different ones because I can spread my money sites out a bit and not have them all on the same company(rather than just getting an IP of one class difference on the same company)

Affiliate Programs To Join

Mundo Media

Market Health


Rank Tracking

Solid rank tracker with accurate reports- Serpbook.

“Money Site”-Grade Article Content

Upwork (I know this is general but I will update more places/writers as I find them)

PBN-Grade Article Content

Upwork (I know this is general but I will update more places/writers as I find them)

Hosting Companies For PBNs

There are many different hosting options for PBNs.

Some people like to use “SEO Hosting” services but I recommend generally against it.

I have heard of people doing alright with it but I have personally seen too much deindexation horror stories to use it myself anymore.

Back in 2014 there was a lot of mass manual PBN reviews and deindexing going on(Matt Cutts was pissed!).

I had sites on both seperate cheap web hosting accounts(cpanel shared hosts) and on a “SEO Hosting” service.

Only some of the sites got sparsely deindexed off of the ones that were hosted on the dollar web host accounts.

But ALL, yes, every single one of the sites on the “SEO Hosting” service got deindexed all together in a matter of days.

This was around 120 total sites.

Luckily my money sites were not really affected by any permanent penalties or anything and I was able to keep boosting them from my other PBNs.

But I still lost a huge amount of money in PBNs for hosting on that service.

The reason that they always get deindexed on these services is because they are built in really crappy IP neighborhoods- and not only that- but such a huge sheer quantity of sites that end up on those IPs that they’re more likely to get “found” and flagged as a bad IP by Google.

So what I recommend doing is getting a bunch of different cheap web hosts (What are generally called “Shared Hosting” “cPanel” accounts).

The best thing you can do(to reduce management time/labor cost) is to always buy the yearly plan so you don’t have to come back and pay them every month or deal with failed Paypal subscription payment headaches, etc.

And all other aspects of management are more or less completely automated by my tool above Birdseye. (there are special features built in for keeping track of all kinds of data related to the different hosts you upload, what sites are on them, etc.)

These hosts vary in price range from $1/month all the way up to $10/month.

I keep a mix of different price ranges, most of them being more towards the cheap end.

A few of the best ones I like to use are:

You can search in Google to find more or go to the Web Hosting Talk Forum (Shared Hosting Section) to find more. (if Googling just put in “shared cpanel hosting cheap” without quotes)


Spinrewriter, in my experience, is THE BEST spinner out there right now in terms of usability.


If you are still doing anything involving spun content, the content produced by this tool is by far the best, and the usability/UI of their interface is absolutely great with tons of options.

It is very “modern” unlike the archaic likes of older spinning tools.

WP Plugin For Blocking Bots On PBNs

Spyder Spanker is for stopping Majestic, Moz, and Ahrefs(link aggregator tools) from indexing your link data in their systems.

Other SEOs can use this against you by spying on you and being able to copy your strategies and/or negative SEO you more effectively. (but mainly you just don’t want them finding your PBNs)

The plugin “Spyder Spanker” is something I have used for years with no issues, and no it is not a footprint to have it on all your sites. (more or less all of my sites use this plugin unless the host is not compatible with it, which does happen in rare instances, in which case I use a .htaccess and robots.txt file combination to block the bots. (see below)

This plugin really is a no brainer if you have already put any money into your PBN at all. This really is a no brainer to protect your link privacy from competitors.

Configuring Spyder Spanker

Here is some additional stuff to know about configuring Spyder Spanker.

You will want to go into your Spyder Spanker settings and add the following IPs and User Agents to their respective boxes and then click “update”.

IP List

User Agents

Spyder Spanker Alternative – .htaccess and robots.txt files in your root directory

If your host is not compatible with Spyder Spanker or you absolutely need a free alternative, you can use this method to still block unwanted bots from indexing your links.

I only use this on the rare few sites that are on hosts that are not compatible with SS, because it takes more time to set up.

What you do is go into your cPanel and add a robots.txt file with this proper code and also a piece of code to your .htaccess file.

Get these files here:


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