Whitehat Blackhat Fakeout Mix

Whitehat Blackhat Fakeout Mix

(this post should be released later because in lion zeal i said im not sure what the effect of whitehat links really is)

One of the most revolutionary ways to do SEO is combining whitehat with blackhat SEO.

I’ve been doing this more and more lately.

Whitehat Blackhat Fakeout Mix

Now the name itself sounds pretty weird I won’t lie.

“Whitehat Blackhat Fakeout Mix”- that’s kind of the whole point.

That’s exactly what it is actually.

It’s basically employing both types of tactics together on the same site.

The first kind of combination I ever did with these was the following:

Whitehat Blackhat Fakeout Mix Method #1: Stealing Authority Links And Pointing Them To BlackHat Sites

Make an inner page

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